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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Crooked Gov. Bill Lee Buys Voucher Support with Public Funds

Does your community need a new park or softball field?  Tell your state rep to go see Bill Lee with a promise to vote for his school privatization plan.  Works every time.

 . . . .A USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee review of Lee’s latest budget proposal shows several lawmakers who were once against or on the fence about the governor’s controversial education savings account legislation received funding for their requests.
The lawmakers identified in the review include freshmen Reps. Charlie Baum, R-Murfreesboro; Scott Cepicky, R-Culleoka; Clay Doggett, R-Pulaski; Tom Leatherwood, R-Arlington; and Chris Todd, R-Jackson.
In total, the governor has proposed fulfilling the requests from the group of freshmen lawmakers to the tune of $916,000.
Of the freshmen identified, Baum, Cepicky and Leatherwood have voted for the Lee's education proposal. Todd and Doggett are expected to vote on the legislation when the House considers it Tuesday.
The vast majority of House members who have voted against the voucher-style program did not have their appropriations requests fulfilled by the governor. . . .

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