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Friday, April 03, 2009

No Oversight, More Child Abuse: The Labrew Case Two Years Later

In May of 2007, the AP was writing about unconscionable practices at one of Milwaukee's "choice" schools, where children were being served bread and water for discipline infringements.

Someone in Milwaukee should be asking why it took almost a two years to shut this voucher hellhole down. You can bet that this kind of government-sponsored child abuse would never be condoned in the public schools. One can only hope that some "accountability" is handed out to the political cowards who allowed this to continue, despite a mountain of complaints from the community.

The latest from Folkbum:
I got forwarded the following letter, by Glenda Haynes, about LaBrew Troopers Military University School. There was an email attached to the letter (Haynes emailed later to offer an edited-for-typos version):

I was the K5 teacher at Labrew the school that I have worked to close down after seeing daily abuse of the children; sponsored by our tax dollars. I wrote President Obama, Gwen Moore, Feingold, the Mayor, Governor and DPI. I had the building inspector notified, the health department and called child protection and gave the names of almost 17 children; but there are hundreds more that have been abused. I have contacted an attorney for a class-action law suite for the children. Child protection went to the police on last 3/27/09 and the police came to talk to me that same day. I have provided recordings of the meetings concerning the abuse and video. Myself as well as two other teachers have come forth on the kids behalf. And with all this the police tells me that because none of the children have been injured where they have gone to the hospital they may not pursue it, and this was said to me before they had even talked to children, teachers, or listened to my tapes. They say they may just go after him for money fraud concerning the use of the voucher and food monies. I am angry.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this morning, the school is indeed closed, and has been since March 9, apparently because the withholding of nearly $400,000 in voucher funding has left the school without funds to continue. This is different from what Haynes says here--and what she told me on the phone--which is that investigations begun by Milwaukee's Child Protective Services and the Milwaukee Police Department her contacting the city (corrected) halted operations. I mean, not that either one of those is a good thing for the school, not at all. But I should note the discrepancy. . . .


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Where are the child-abuse lawsuits?

    Maybe just pursuing charters and voucher-schools on child-abuse charges can have a strong effect--Like the sexual abuse cases that have stained the image of the Catholic Church.

    I say,

    Let's nail 'em for child abuse.


  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Totally agree. I dealt with a charter all last year. It was terrible. I should have filed criminal charges, that would have made things happen faster. There are people who work there that have no business near children.
    Transplant NJ