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Sunday, November 23, 2014

U of Memphis President David Rudd Sells Out Education Students and Faculty to Wall Street Hedge Funders

I'm imagining coming in to work tomorrow morning to find out the president of my university has cut a deal with some Wall Street investors to give space in our department to sell a corporate freak show packaged as a teacher education program. 

Oh, didn't notice because you are out of town for the holidays or a conference?  That's the way President David Rudd planned it.  From the Commercial Appeal:

Relay Graduate School of Education, a partner in a new undergraduate teacher training residency the University of Memphis plans to offer, has filed an application with the state to offer 11 master’s degree programs starting next summer.

The university offered Relay free classroom and office space, at least initially. Instruction would be provided by a program dean whom Relay intends to hire, plus four or five adjunct professors.

The Commercial Appeal obtained the 448-page Relay application through the Freedom of Information Act.

Relay’s approval is central to the university’s plan to offer an alternative certification program geared to undergraduates entering their junior year. The university and the philanthropists envision attracting bright, dedicated students from other majors on campus and from schools around the nation who would be interested in teaching in the city’s high-need schools.. . .
My advice to U of M education students: Get your signs made and your speeches written: December will be about more than shopping.  


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  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    We have Relay Mickey Mouse School of Education in Newark. Good luck in Memphis!