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Sunday, December 18, 2016

DIBELVEC: A Word for Our Time


  •  to deprive  primary grade children daily access to picture books so their school program can qualify as "scientific" according to U. S. Department of Education/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation guidelines
  •  to make overly obedient and patterned to following scripts in preparation for employment as workers in the Global Economy
Related Forms
  • Dibelvecee: noun
    • Victim  subject to Dibelvecing
  • Dibelvecer: noun
    • Perpetrator of the crime of Dibelvecing
  • Dibelvecable: adjective
    • Person with no one to protect him from crime of Dibelvecing
  • Dibelvecize:  transitive verb, denoting:
    •   "to render, make" (as in corporatize; sterilize)
    •    "to convert into" (as in itimize)
    •    "to subject to" (as in terrorize)
    •    "a change of state" (as in fossilize)
    •    "kinds of instances of behavior" (as in tyrannize)
 Pre-Dibelvec indicates “prior to,” “in advance of,” “early,” “beforehand,” “before,” “in front of,” meaning that kindergarten is way  too late for rigorous and rigid phonics skills (as in preschool; prewar).
Origin: The term is derived from pseudoscientific DIBELS® and from the French avec, "dibbled with."
Word first used by Susan Ohanian, June 24, 2009, with no success at getting anyone to refrain from its practice and tyrannical objectives.

  • appall
  • browbeat
  • cow
  • domineer
  • eviscerate
  • frighten
  • grind up
  • horrify
  • isolate
  • jeopardize
  • kill
  • leave out
  • menace
  • nullify
  • oppress
  • paralyze
  • quicksandize
  •  repress
  • stupify
  • torment
  • unhinge
  • vandalize
  • walk heavy over
  • X-out personhood
  • Yuck99
  • Zone-ize

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