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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Now Black Total Compliance Means Hair, Too

The name of the school is Narvie J. Harris Theme School.  The principal's name is Lisa Watkins, and her email address is lisa_f_watkins@dekalbschoolsga.org. Phone #: 678.676.9202
From New Age box fades to braids, a display on the wall of a suburban Atlanta elementary school tried to illustrate a variety of “inappropriate” haircuts and hairstyles. But there was one thing the children who were photographed had in common: They were all black.

The display by the Narvie J. Harris Theme School in Decatur, Ga., was taken down on Thursday — the same day it had been put up — after being widely criticized as racially insensitive. The episode happened at a time when cities and states across the United States have adopted legislation making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person’s hairstyle. 

The faces of the children in the photographs were covered with Post-it notes. It was unclear if they were students at the school, which is 95 percent African-American, according to the state’s Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. 

The display went viral after Danay Wadlington, the owner of a beauty parlor in the nearby city of Duluth, posted a photograph of it on Facebook after her client, whose child goes to the school, gave it to her. That woman did not want to be identified.

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