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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Will House GOP Investigate Christian Right Role in Antisemitism?

How richly ironic that Trump's House that MAGA built is lining up leaders this week from blue school districts to grill them on their districts' efforts to combat antisemitism.  In the process, any and all school policies that support diversity, inclusion, and rights of all people to exist and live free will come under the Republican's myopi-scope.  In the process, the GOP desperately hopes to peel off as a few Jewish voters who are incapable of discerning hypocrisy, even when it rolls right over them.

I suggest that the political party of Charlottesville torch bearers, the "Hitler did some good things" party, the sympathizers of the Great Replacement theory party, and the Holocaust rationalization party, might consider investigating what children are being taught in the fundamentalist Christian schools about Jews and Israel.

The House MAGA members might start with asking a few questions of how antisemitism is advanced by the 10 million member fundamentalist Christian organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI).  Maybe ask CUFI's chief, Rev. John Hagee, why he believes that all Jews who don't convert are going to hell, or if he still believes the Holocaust was ordained by God so that the state of Israel could be created and, thus, fulfill biblical prophecy. Which will be entirely fulfilled when Israel says "ENOUGH" and starts lobbing nukes into the Arab neighborhood. But just before the nuclear conflagration begins, Jesus will return to Earth, and Jesus will transport all believers and converts to Heaven for a splendid retirement without end.

 From a Hagee sermon in 2006, quoted on a segment of "Fresh Air" on April 3, 2023:

And when Israel finally says enough, you're going to see the beginning of the implementation of Ezekiel's war in 38-39. The critical point is the church is raptured before this war begins. I am telling you, that makes this message one of the most thrilling prophetic messages you've ever heard in your life. You could get raptured out of this building before I get through finished preaching. We are that close to the coming of the son of man.

Terri Gross and her guest, Bart Ehrman, responded thusly:

GROSS: Among the things I want to point out in that is that he's talking about this, like, horrible war in Israel and nuclear weapons. And he's saying, this is the most thrilling prophetic message you've ever heard in your life. Sure, it's thrilling for the people he imagines, including himself, 'cause I'm sure he expects to get raptured. But, you know, how can you call thrilling anything that involves nuclear weapons and war?

EHRMAN: Well, right. I mean - and, you know, that's right. And, you know, he also, at one point, indicated that the reason for the Holocaust is that it was God's plan. God planned the Holocaust because that would facilitate the establishment of Israel as a state. And so that's why 6 million Jews got slaughtered is so that Israel could be founded again in 1948, because that would fulfill prophecy. And if that fulfills prophecy, then, you know, it's coming soon, and we can just rejoice because we're going to be taken out of here. It's really - it's pretty disgusting. Late - after that, somebody pointed out that maybe that wasn't a good move to talk about God's plan for the Holocaust. But, you know, it didn't even occur to him at the time, apparently.

Now tell me, is it anti-Semitic to support policies that will likely bring the annihilation of Israel--and most of the other countries of the Middle East?? Would that be a worse outcome than schools offering ethnic studies courses?

And speaking of curriculum, Hagee's CUFI is about to launch a major propaganda school program for high school students.

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