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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Ravitch Bars Talk of DNC Rigging of 2016 Primary Race

Since last November, Diane Ravitch has spent an inordinate amount of time painting horns on Betsy DeVos and labeling her as the Chief Privatizer of American Schools.  While it is certainly important to point out the lunacy and danger of DeVos's fanciful plan to expand the small number of states that have voucher laws, Diane has ignored the privatizing role that she, herself, has played by giving approving to ESSA and by okaying the 7,600 existing charter schools and by refusing to repudiate charter school laws in 46 states.  
More importantly, Diane refuses to talk about how she came to support these corporate ed reform policies.  She refuses to talk about Weingarten's authoritarian endorsement of CorpEd's calendar girl, Hillay Clinton, in July 2015, just a month before Hillary paid $20 million to gain control of the DNC during the Fall of 2015.
In a post today, Dr. Ravitch reminds us that some things must remain secret and that the past is only important only if we all agree on it.  If the understanding of past is contentious and makes us uncomfortable about outcomes of events that we helped to shape, then it's best to keep quiet about it so that maybe people will forget about our culpability in making a reality that we now denounce.
Carry on your claims and counterclaims about the 2016 election elsewhere. All such comments will go into moderation as soon as I see them and may never be posted. It is my blog and I say enough is enough. The only person helped by the prolongation of this discussion is Trump. 
Right now, please focus on the Tuesday elections, especially in Virginia and New Jersey.  In Virginia, Republican Ed Gillespie has resorted to racist attacks on Ralph Northam.  
Please look to saving what we can and building for the future, not wallowing in events that we can argue about endlessly, without any resolution. 
Wow--not much respect for history by someone often recognized as an historian. It's clear that DR has no respect for the old adage, "those who are unwilling to recall the past are doomed to repeat it." And because she refuses to remember the past, she is helping the DNC to continue the same mistakes that led to political positions that mealy-mouthed, amorphous, poorly-defined, and typically spineless.
Ralph Northam is in trouble in Virginia because he sounds too much like the DNC candidates that were/are the Clinton choices: uninspiring, lifeless, patronizing, and cowardly.  
As others have noted since this Donna Brazile's offered the clip from her book (please don't buy it) about Hillary's purchase of the DNC in August 2015, the most popular politician today is the guy who got the shaft from the DNC.  Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America not because he is left of center.  Bernie is most popular because he is proud of his positions, unwavering in his support for them, and people know what they are.
To know where we are today requires that we know where we have been.  The outcome in the future depends upon it.  

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  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    The DNC was bought and paid for by HRC, who exhibited a sense of entitlement to the nomination and the presidency. An exploration of the internal DNC workings is crucial to righting the course of the party. The refusal of Democrats to rectify past errors strengthens the GOP. I, personally, have little hope of the party pursuing a progressive agenda.

    Abigail Shure