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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Weingarten's Collusion with Bannon

If it were not for an awakening media from a long and profitable sleep that eventually left the Republic in the hands of Donald Trump, we would know nothing of the political dead bodies now being exhumed by some very good reporters around the country.  And so it is that we come to know now from reporters at The Intercept that Steve "Bad Otis" Bannon beckoned Randi Weingarten for a DC powwow in March of this year.  Of course, Randi said yes.

In order to avoid those aforementioned reporters, Randi insisted that the meeting not be in the White House.

Sure, sure, others in the "progressive" tent have taken meetings with Bannon, including Robert Kuttner from the American Prospect, who met with Bannon via phone.  The big difference, of course, is that Kuttner published a summary of his meeting, whereas Randi would have kept her meeting secret had not the reporter from The Intercept come knocking on her door.

But not to worry.  Randi stood strong and did not equivocate when it came to pointing out differences with Trumpism (well, not much equivocation, anyway):  "I was pretty clear with him about my criticism of the white nationalism philosophy.”  

For Randi to let Steve know that she is not Nazi, well, that's a positive sign.

Randi's excuse for taking this secret meeting in DC with Steve?  She wanted to try to reduce the cuts to the education budget that had been previously trumpeted by the Trumpists.  Really, Randi?  Are you the only one in DC who believes that those fanciful cuts will ever survive Congressional committees, and are you the only one in DC who believes that Steve Bannon could, or would, affect such an outcome?

I would guess Randi's real reasons had more to do with maintaining a place at the policy table, or corporate feeding trough, for AFT's management.  After all, Rhonda has played ball with every DC political team to come to Washington since Bloomberg made Weingarten AFT president.  Why should we expect something different now?  

In the end, however, the secret meeting proved that it was to be a bridge too far, one that would would not be crossed on that fateful day in March.  For when Bannon started to bad mouth the charter industry and DFER, which have done so much to make Randi what she is today and aspires to be, it was too much for Weingarten to take sitting down.

At that point, Randi knew that she must take back her olive branch and get back to business attacking Betsy DeVos and her crazy voucher plans.  Anyway, who could do business with a Nazi.  Right?  Particularly, one who seems smarter you are.


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Please inform Weingarten and Kelly that appeasement and compromise are not effective strategies for confronting white supremicism. I would suggest instead that they take a look at the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. I am ashamed to have Weingarten represent me. Her naïveté knows no bounds. If Kelly is the only adult in the room, the entire administration should be sent back to kindergarten. Long live Mueller!

    Abigail Shure

  2. Just came across the Intercept article in Nov. revealing her meeting with Bannon. Outrageous. Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I don't see anyone else criticizing her meeting with this "nationalist" whose Breitbart is so popular with neo-Nazis. When athletes were risking their jobs refusing the president's invitation Randi goes to meet Bannon with hat in hand. I'm a retired AFT member, 40 years of teaching in CT.