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Monday, January 14, 2019

Pennsylvania's Cyber Charter Bonanza

The taxpayers of Pennsylvania send $525,000,000 dollars every year (35,000 students @ $15,000) to 15 cyber charter schools, 10 of which have been operating on expired charters since 2012.

Even the charter industry, itself, is taken aback by the total capitulation by the state's failed oversight function:  
“When you have charters that are operating on expired contracts, the question becomes: Are they being held accountable for meeting the needs of students?" Brooks-Uy said.
In terms of the state and federal government assessments of how public schools are "meeting the needs of students," the picture for cyber charters is crystal clear:
In 2017, all but one cyber charter ranked in the bottom quarter of schools statewide on Pennsylvania’s School Performance Profile, which graded schools on standardized test scores, as well as attendance and graduation rates. The one school, 21st Century Cyber, was just above the bottom quarter. Ten cyber charter schools were in the bottom 10 percent.
Will anyone make state politicians accountable for this ongoing scandal?  Anyone, anyone?

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