"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Remember Kansas!

A few days before the August 2 vote in to decide the future availability of abortion in Kansas, the pollsters at the highly touted 538 Blog were predicting that a woman's right to control her own health decisions would go down in flames.  Some polls showed advocates for banning a woman's choice up by 8 points, and 538 had the anti-choice contingent ahead by four points, 47-43.  

The same thing is happening now, as the prognosticators are foretelling a T****ian takeover of both the Senate and the House next Tuesday.  According to the media echo chamber, the Dems peaked way too early, and T****ists have been gaining momentum in recent weeks.  

So what happened on August 2 back in Kansas?  In a record turnout for the state, Kansans beat down the effort to eliminate abortion rights in the state by a whopping 18 points! 

We have already seen a record turnout in early voting this Fall for the mid-term election, and we are likely to see a record set on Tuesday for any national election--presidential or otherwise.  Michael Moore has not wavered in his prediction of a Blue wave.  I think he is right.  

Don't despair.  Get busier.  Make calls, knock doors, wave your signs on street corners.  On Tuesday, take someone to vote who would not be able to vote otherwise. 


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Bingo! Optimism is the only option!

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Has the erosion of history, social studies and civics from the curriculum under NCLB contributed this shit show? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the connection. It's been more than 2 decades of gutting the curriculum, defunding public education, pouring more money into charter schools and breaks for private education -with no plan in sight, except the continued Balkanization of education and the greater society at large. This week will be a major turning point in the history of this country and who we are and where we are going as a nation. Education is always the first to go in an autocracy.