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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

The Red Wave That Wasn't

I am liking the headlines this morning.  The Daily Beast: We Don't Know Who Won Yet, But Republicans LostSalon says: What Red Wave--Democrats Are Surging.

If I were a guessing man, which I am, I would say Dems end up with 51 U.S. Senators.  House? I don't have a guess yet, but the Dems have real shot at retaining the majority.  If they don't, the T**** Party will hold a slim majority.  

And Lauren Boebert, you ask? Too close to call, but she is still behind this morning.  

Let's face it: T****ists had their asses handed to them yesterday by America's voters, and if that were not enough, Mother Nature has its own metaphor for Donald this morning.  Mar-a-Lago has been ordered to evacuate, as Hurricane Nicole seems determined to smash into southern Florida.

And so I present to you a screen capture I snapped two days ago at 538 Blog, which shows us, once again, why you can't believe the corporate media with their corporate polls and corporate polling aggregators.  I say, get a life, Nate Silver!!!

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