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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Tell Tom Friedman to Stop Weeping

 If I had ever subscribed to the New York Times for its editorials and paid opinionators, I would have cancelled a long long time ago. The editorial board's unceasing support of corporate education initiatives and racist testing schemes would be more than enough to never subscribe again, but then there's the smarmy manipulative candy-ass Republican, David Brooks, America's favorite middle brow intellectual, Tom Friedman, and a whole stable of other pompous neo-libs and libs who provide America's deciders with rationale aplenty for continuing to steer socioeconomic policy down America's white privileged highways.

And yesterday the Editorial Board had the audacity to conclude that the Board's knee-jerk fake liberals should decide who Americans get to vote for in America's most critical presidential election--ever.

Following the phony Debacle Debate Thursday night, Times columnists formed an immediate knee-jerk dogpile pushing Joe Biden to step aside, resign, or crawl under a rock. Tom Friedman wept, for god's sake, Nick Kristoff clucked, and Paul Krugman ciphered Biden irredeemably deep into the liability column of his presidential odds spreadsheet. 

CNN, meanwhile, belatedly published the fact check that it should have done on Thursday night during or following the "debate," during which time Jake and Dana mechanically read questions that could have been generated and delivered by ChatGBT. You can read here the details of the Insane Clown's 30+ lies that he repeatedly spewed into viewers' living rooms Thursday night. 

As Biden summed it up some hours after the debate, "how do you debate a liar?" Personally, I'm with Maryland's governor, Wes Moore, who quipped, "Instead of focusing on [phony] debate performance, let us please focus on presidential performance."

I am with the citizen who told CNN yesterday when asked about her take on the current fake debate frenzy, "I would rather vote for the corpse of Biden than Trump's lying face."

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