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Monday, August 08, 2005

GAO Investigates ABCTE

A closer look at the history of ABCTE reveals that my outrage at the shoveling of US DOE funds to neocon cronies of the White House has been shared by others. In October 2004, Rep. George Miller's office requested a GAO investigation of the awarding of US DOE contracts in ABCTE's $40 million dollar scam. In the same letter, Miller asks the GAO to investigate another shady deal involving America's leading virtuecrat, Bill Bennett. Bennett received over $4 million in US DOE money for his "online learning company" from NCLB’s Voluntary Public School Choice Program, which was not intended to support the private home schoolers that Bennett's company targets.

The story was reported by Stateline in December of last year, and Susan Ohanian printed both the Stateline story and Madigan's response here.

Wonder what the GAO found out?

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