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Saturday, September 17, 2005

While Testing Decisions Wait, a Half-Billion in Vouchers Approved

Susan Ohanian reprints here a piece from the Post yesterday that shows that Spellings can swing into action for important matters, such as bringing relief to the thousands of parents in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast who previously paid for their children to attend private schools. If passed by Congres, the proposed $488,000,000 will go immediately for vouchers ($7,500 max. each) to send these private school children to other private schools, religious or otherwise. That amount represents more than twice the amount that will go to students, colleges, and universities affected by Katrina, and over 30 times the amount of the largest voucher experiment in history in Washington D. C. (14 million).

It seems that Katrina may accomplish overnite for Bush Co. what years of testing to assure failure, government propaganda, influence peddling, support-buying, and lies about public education couldn't get done.

Will Teddy Kennedy and George Miller come to rescue of the taxpayers and public school advocates--this time?

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