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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fenty Shoves Out Rhee Opposition and Hires Former Spellings Lieutenant

From WaPo:

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty named a former Bush administration official yesterday as his state superintendent of education, replacing Deborah A. Gist, who has resigned to become Rhode Island education commissioner.

Kerri L. Briggs, former assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education under Margaret Spellings, will manage the $380 million agency. The agency's responsibilities include special education, distributing federal grants and setting academic standards.

. . . .

Last year, Gist asserted that she had authority over Rhee's plans to restructure schools deemed to be failing under the No Child Left Behind law. But she was overruled by D.C. lawyers. Her name has surfaced in several recent national searches for superintendents, including in St. Louis. . . . .

And so another voice is eliminated from the opposition to the corporate takeover of public education in America. And if you doubted the role of Broad and Gates and the other oligarchs, here is an infomercial, On Leadership: Eli Broad, from the oligarchs' favorite media charity case, the once-great Washington Post

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  1. Anonymous2:04 PM



    What must happen for this madness to be reversed
    is for a group of *top American teachers* to spend a day with Obama in hopes of bringing about a moment of epiphany like Teddy Roosevelt had when he read "The Jungle", and went on to push for the Pure Food And Drug Act.

    Another analogy could be the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visiting Scrooge to bring about HIS famous epihany.

    Unless a 100% turnaround in Obama's current stand
    on Public Education can be achieved, he will stay with the Corporatists, and nothing will change.
    And we in Public Education will watch its demise.