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Monday, June 20, 2011

Christie Continues Efforts to Kill Public Education in NJ

HT to Stan Karp:
Joan Whitlow, Star Ledger, 6.18.11
State politics will affect Anderson more than most supers because Newark is a state-controlled district. Gov. Chris Christie has been pushing charter schools, vouchers and, more recently, the privatization of public schools. Mayor Cory Booker has inserted himself into the district's business. Although Booker lacks any legal authority, he has the governor's blessing and a $100 million pledge from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that will grow to $200 million for education if the required matching donations come through. There's potential for political squeeze. It was reasonable to worry that the choice for super might be a rubber stamp for the Booker-Christie agenda. It is reasonable to wonder if anyone good enough to do the job wouldn't pack up her résumé and run.

Examiner.com 6.17.11
Last week, Governor Chris Christie unveiled legislation that would allow private, for-profit companies to take over failing public schools.  Christie has also pushed for more charter schools and a New Jersey voucher system. It turns out that our governor has a history of working for Edison Learning, the nation’s largest of these for-profit education companies

Star Ledger, 6.17.11
Private companies may soon gain unprecedented control of five failing New Jersey public schools if a proposal unveiled last week by Gov. Chris Christie is approved by the Legislature. Fewer than 70 public schools across the country are managed privately and many struggle because of restrictive local regulations and feuds between the companies and the communities they serve, education experts said.

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