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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jim McIntyre Tries Pushing Knoxville Onto Dollar Guzzling Charter Reform School Bus

If there is another thing that Knoxville does not need and can't afford (besides Lane Kiffin) is a string of corporate welfare charter reform schools that will benefit Wall Street hedge fund investors and philanthrocapitalists like Eli Broad, while draining millions from public schools.  

This was issued this morning:

KCS issues charter school request for proposals
The Knox County Schools is accepting charter school proposals for the 2014-2015 school year to cultivate strong school capacity to provide high quality academic instruction.  Proposals will be entertained both for new charter schools as well as potential conversions of existing schools to charters.
Applicants interested in conversion of an existing school to a charter school, or any non-traditional charter school structure should contact the Knox County Board of Education office to consult with the Charter School Review Chair before beginning the process on February 1, 2013.  Applications for new, traditional charter schools must offer an innovative, compelling and evidence-based plan for a high quality charter school, and demonstrate that the plan was collaboratively developed by a diverse and expert design team.
Any group or individual planning to submit a charter school proposal to the Knox County Schools must first submit a Letter of Intent and evidence of community outreach no later than February 1, 2013 (which is 60 days before the completed application is due to the Knox County Schools on April 1, 2013). Potential applicants who do not submit a Letter of Intent and evidence of community outreach by the February deadline will not be considered during the 2013 application cycle.
Complete details and timelines are available in the charter school Request for Proposal document located on the Knox County Schools website, www.knoxschools.org.  

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  1. Reading into the this case, I don't understand what is wrong with the world today based on priorities. This model is capitalistic and is not socially beneficial to our struggling schools.