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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Regarding this last sentence of the article:

Booker T. Washington spent his life never bothering to ask that question, and it appears that Dana Goldstein’s book, which no doubt will earn the seal of approval from Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten, has charted a similar track.

Apparently there is an ongoing mentoring of Ms. Goldstein by Randi Weingarten and Bill Gates.

This interview from March 16, 2012 by Ms. Goldstein shows Randi Weingarten at her best, expressing common ground with those of us in the corporate education resistance, and then spinning this into support for corporate education reform. 

Going even further back in time to March 20, 2009 there is this profile of Randi Weingarten by Dana Goldstein: 
In this article you find Randi right at home in the corporate reform world in an appearance at the National Press Club. Portrayed as a neophyte in this world, she in fact has worked with these people for years to disarm the AFT as the corporate assault on public education proceeds. All through the article are people mentioned in my article “Who is Eli Broad and why is he trying to destroy public education?” as people affiliated in some way with the Broad Foundation. Randi is portrayed as someone who just wandered onto their plantation for a chat when in actual fact she has been working with them since 2002 when she was UFT President and since 2008 when she became AFT President.

And then there is this article by Dana Goldstein at the New America Foundation from January 31, 2013.

And look at the SourceWatch listing for the New America Foundation. NAF is heavily funded by the Gates Foundation. (See the middle of the page.)

Check out the link to the article at SourceWatch for Peter G. Peterson Foundation, another funder of The New America Foundation, to see who these people are.

It looks like Dana Goldstein is being trained as a shill for the corporate ed reformers and is learning their method of hiding the corporate education agenda in plain sight.

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  1. Michel Fiorillo6:12 AM

    Indeed, Goldstein has long been their favored ingenue.