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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Curmudgucation Reads Verdict on Hillary, But Co-Defendants Ignored

In coming to the evidentiary edge of connecting the dots among the DNC, DFER, Gates/Broad, and NEA/AFT, Curmuducation is pressing the envelope on preserving his elevated status in Diane Ravitch's Blogger Hall of Fame.  But he is not there yet, having stopped just short of a guilty verdict for Weingarten and Garcia for co-conspiring to allow the destruction of public schools and the teaching profession. 

Rather, it is Hillary whose verdict Peter Greene is here to deliver:
I would say that the jury is still out on Hillary, but honestly, I'd be lying. Hillary is pretty clearly tied to the same charter-loving, reform-pushing, corporate-driven, test-and-punishing reformsters as our last two Presidents. CAP, one of the fiercest reformster-driven advocacy groups in DC, was simply a holding pen for Clinton campaign leaders like John Podesta; they are close to Hillary and they have never, ever, been a friend to public education or public school teachers. DFER, a group that absolutely loathes teachers and the teachers union, is delighted that Hillary is running.
Meanwhile, Anthony Cody has been put in charge of pretending that there is some conversion process underway that will bring the wayward Weingarten and Garcia into the Ravitch fold.  The idiocy of such a notion is too ridiculous for comment.

Cody, in fact, needs time and resources to get his next big NPE talkathon in Orlando arranged, and he can't do it without the laundered Gates money that NEA and AFT have for him.

How teachers can continue to support this political pyramid scheme is truly baffling.

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