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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Washington Dems Function: Media Calls it Dysfunction

The NYTimes has a story today reporting the smackdown Obama and the Republicans suffered yesterday when the Senate voted against NAFTA 2.0.  

The Times paints Senate Democrats who voted against TPP as petulant children, who usually go along with their leader when he has lunch with them and tells them stories.  And since Obama didn't bother to do so this time (perhaps he could not look them in the eye), the angry children stuck out their bottom lip and voted No. 

What bullshit!  The headline should have read, "Dems Listen to Constituents Rather than Global Corporations."  

This is one of the few hopeful signs that, while the Prez continues to make Wall Street happy for Hillary's run, the Congress is listening to what sane people are saying about the devastating effects of the TPP and the next move toward international corporate socialism.

I say Hurray! for Senate Dems and the people!!

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