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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Question for Arne's Army

A couple of charter school gems from Arne's recent speech to the NEA:
"charter schools they need to police themselves or their progress will be stalled"

"charter school operators and authorizers to get much more serious about accountability. They must not protect third-rate charters. Those schools need to close."
So let's see: while public schools are subject to restructuring or shutdown or charter conversion by the Federal government, charter schools, on the other hand, must "police themselves" and "get more serious." The question, then: as Duncan is extremely eager to shut down 5% of the lowest-performing (poorest) public schools, is he as eager, or even willing to entertain the idea, to shut down the 37% of bogus charter schools that are underperforming the public schools that these charters were intended to replace?

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