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Monday, May 26, 2014

KIPP Gets $20 Million in Tax Dollars As Nashville Continues to Delay Action on Public Housing Rebuild

Mayor Karl Dean started the money ball rolling toward KIPP, Inc. in 2010, even as Metro public schools were using garbage cans to catch rain water from leaky roofs and children were forced to have lunch in hallways.  Dean committed 10 percent of Metro's 4 year capital improvement funds for schools to this one project.

Four years later, the new KIPP Academy is about to open after the City used over 19 million public dollars to renovate a building that will be used by a non-public corporation.  Will Bill Gates or the Fisher Family or the Broad Foundation help rebuild public housing in the neighborhood where this new segregated KIPP is opening?  Didn't think so.

Nearby at Cayce Place, public housing residents are still waiting for some action on a talked-about renovation of 716 units that are home for some 2,000 residents. 

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