"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Personalized Common Core Worksheets on a Screen

"MobyMax solutions are designed to help teachers 'find and fix missing curriculum skills, motivate students, power up, and save time.' The online, interactive software and services offered by MobyMax are designed to be an 'innovative learning ecosystem,' that allow teachers to create a diagnostic-based learning plan for each student, based on the student's abilities, that allow for independent learning." 
A teacher just wrote that her school is one of many now using professional development time to allow MobyMax salesmen to demo another 19th Century learning tool in a 21st Century box.  This one is particularly tempting because it is inexpensive to get started, and it allows students to be plugged in for hours at a time without human intervention.

All you have to do is explained in the video below, and before you know it, MobyMax will be diagnosing deficiencies and offering Common Core lessons to get your child or your students up to speed.

There is the added advantage of having your school administrator's "dashboard" track every student's performance in the school at any point in time.

And don't worry, children, the data gathered by the Willett Bros. who own MobyMax is stored on their corporate server and can only be sold to companies that the Willett Bros. work with, either now or in the future. Their on your side!

Oh, you don't have enough screens for all the children yet at your school?  Not to worry, you can get all of MobyMax's 21st Century curriculum on worksheets that you can pass out to keep your children entertained for hours, days, months at a time.


  1. once again, those who push technology and write the test-score curricula show that they believe teachers to be irrelevant and generally incompetent: see a "teacher-free" future coming?

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Isaac Asimov predicted it- in this very short story. The students are not impressed by individualized learning. http://visual-memory.co.uk/daniel/funtheyhad.html