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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Second Karen Lewis Sellout?

A Chicago teachers' strike that had been advertised for all the blogs to post about did not happen.  You need to read George Schmidt at Substance News to get the story.  A clip:
. . . .Despite sometimes emotional defenses of the vote to accept the proposed contract and push the union's members into the deal, by early October 11, as people began studying the eight-page PDF outlining the deal, it was clear that the deal was in trouble. And in the context of the trouble, more and more members were asking by what authority in the union's own laws had the current CTU leadership unilaterally inserted an entity called the "Big Bargaining Team" (all appointed by CTU President Karen Lewis) between the legal responsibility of the House of Delegates and the final legal power of the union's rank and file members.

And aside from a few shrill posts on Facebook and some hurt feelings on the internal email system of CORE (the Caucus of Rank and File Educators, which has been leading the union since winning the June 2010 CTU election), the union's leaders and the members of the Big Bargaining Team were unable to answer the questions raised by so many controversial -- if not odious -- parts to what has so far been seen of the deal. . . . .

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