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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wikileaks Email Dump Shows NEA Rigged Hillary Endorsement

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The release by Wikileaks of the e-mails of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, revealed that the leaders of the National Education Association were determined to win an endorsement for Clinton well before determining the wishes of the union’s representative bodies .

Despite constant pressure from NEA’s leaders, and a positive recommendation from the union’s PAC Council ( although I suspected some manipulation there as well ), there was still serious doubt whether the proposed Clinton endorsement would meet the 58% threshold needed from the union’s board of directors.

NEA’s executive officers acted quickly, urging Clinton to appear in person before the board on October 3, 2015 to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns. This she did, and the board ultimately voted to endorse her .

But NEA was prepared to call off the vote and whitewash the setback if things had gone awry. A Podesta e-mail dated September 29, 2015 described the situation and NEA’s plan to Clinton:
here’s the status of things, which you may already have been briefed on. Executive Committee of 7 (3 officers and 4 others)) voted unanimously to endorse. Next step is the PAC Committee, which is weighted by PAC participation and the votes are there to endorse. Final step is a vote of the full 120 member Board where the threshold for endorsement is 58%.

Sanders forces are working furiously to put off an endorsement. We do not have certainty on hitting the 58% threshold despite the intense work of Lilly and John Stocks. You are scheduled to see the full Board on Saturday morning. John’s assessment is that your appearance is critical if they are going to get the endorsement this weekend. There is some risk though that you show up and they remain uncertain of a successful vote so that they put it off for further work by the leadership.

They will not call the vote unless they are certain that they will hit the threshold. Downside is that the Sanders people will spin that notwithstanding the PAC Committee recommendation, the Board delayed action. All here assess that it’s worth the risk and that you should show up and try to get the endorsement now. If the vote is delayed, Lily and John will say this is a multi-layered process and good progress was made by securing the PAC Committee recommendation. I wanted you to have a good sense of the state of play, because they have to let people know that you will be there no later than tomorrow early am. I and the rest of the team think you should confirm participation, but wanted to give you a chance to discuss if you have a different view.


  1. The same is true of Randi Weingarten and Clinton campaign manager Podesta. There are dozens of emails between them months before the AFT endorsed Hillary Clinton. It shows their very close collaboration with the union which is using their members dues money to promote Clinton before the endorsement was even announced.

    For example:
    Email to Nikki Budzinski, Labor Outreach for Hillary for America from Randi.

    On Saturday, January 30, 2016, Randi Weingarten, Office of the President wrote:

    “He is psst-but I don’t believe it moves him to action. Congrats on the NYT And we will go after NNU and there high and mighty sanctimonious conduct… R”

    Is this is cause of the hostility to the National Nurses Union?
    Are Mergers the Answer for Fractious Nurses Unions?

    You can search Podesta and Weingarten emails here.

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  2. A Wikileaks file shows that Randi Weingarten got a lot of flack from other union leaders for the early endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Seems like there was supposed to be a vote by affiliated AFL-CIO unions before the AFT could endorse early because they all hadn't had their conferences yet. But if I read right, Trumpka overruled any talk of the rules, in favor of Hillary (after his private meetings with Randi and Podesta). Democracy is but a facade....

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Randy Weingarten is promised head of Dept of Education position for giving endorsement which he did without member input.

  5. Who wrote this email to Podesta?