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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Lawrence: Biden speaks to NATO and AFL-CIO after Trump read a teleprompter

Last evening Lawrence O'Donnell had a video clip of Joe Biden publicly speaking yesterday at AFL-CIO headquarters for 6 minutes without notes or teleprompter.  Lawrence's setup begins around 10:20 of the clip from his show, and Biden's impromptu remarks end at 19:25.  The remaining four minutes are pretty priceless, so watch the rest--please.

O'Donnell notes that this video was available yesterday to all networks, channels, stations, URLs, etc., but no one in the media, not one outlet bothered to show Joe Biden walking normally or speaking normally in public.  This self-imposed blindness by the news media provides a prime example of what can happen when the most common cognitive bias-- which is confirmation bias-- sets in at an institutional level.  Any evidence that does not confirm the breathless conclusion formed during and just after the first presidential debate is summarily ignored. And it was a performance by Biden that actually confirmed an already strongly-held  hypothesis made possible by months and months of hammering the proposition that Joe Biden is too old to be President.

The corporate media echo chamber, led by the New York Times and Washington's Amazon Post, is now so invested in destroying Joe Biden's candidacy that they cannot or will not see any evidence that runs contrary to the news story (now a fortnight old), a news story that has now taken on the full dress of a major propaganda campaign designed to poison public opinion about Joe Biden, all for the purpose of confirming a conclusion made possible by a 90 minute debate performance. 

So as knowledge is the only remedy for beliefs that do not depend upon evidence (all the evidence), have a 10 minute lesson in what the corporate media is not telling the world. And someone call Mr. Clooney and let him know that it's alright for him to come out from under his blankie and watch, along with the adults.

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