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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Who's Worse, ABC Anal-ists or Sanjay Gupta?

Even before the Biden ABC interview aired yesterday, renowned TV doctor, Sanjay Gupta, had already slow-moed Biden's debate performance and come up with his own diagnosis and prescription based on what he saw from his living room easy chair: a thorough neurological and cognitive screening for the President.  Did Sanjay confer with anyone before he put in his orders with the White House and the rest of the world?  Maybe he sought confirmation from some other famous neurosurgeon--maybe Ben Carson?

With thousands of hours of tape available to him for review at CNN, has Dr. Gupta ever prescribed a thorough neurological, cognitive, and most importantly--psychiatric--workup on the lying gangster clown, Donald Trump?  Of course not.  But then Gupta and the other media jackals know that their howling and gnawing can never affect the Trump Party faithful who proved years ago that they are steadfastly immune to media yowling? 

But Gupta and the other sour-faced talking heads from ABC do know that they can get the soft-shelled Democratic hysterics inside the beltway to listen and begin to quake at all of their snapping and yammering about Joe Biden.  Yesterday ABC didn't even go to the all-important commercial following the Biden interview before its assembled panel of naysayers (so low on the totem poll that they had to work on the 4th of July weekend) leapt into their bad-mouthing rhetorical vortex. 

The adult in the room, Lawrence O'Donell reminded us the other night that in July of 1988 Michael Dukakis was ahead in the polls by 17 point. In November, he was beaten by Poppy Bush by 8.

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