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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chris and Jeb

Here is a piece I missed from November 27 that offers some new details on neo-con links to corporate socialist, Chris Whittle, whose dreams of empire rest upon the willingness of the American people to build it for him with tax dollars (see review of Whittle's fantasy here). Note the link in the clip below between Jeb and Chris--remember it was Jeb who used the Florida state pension fund to bail out Whittle's last big corporate flameout:

Republican leaders have fueled the [charter] movement with a series of initiatives - the federal No Child Left Behind law (which permits low-achieving schools to be turned over to private companies), Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's A-Plus plan and the growing use of vouchers for private schools. This year, 60 for-profit companies are managing more than 500 schools nationwide. At the forefront is Edison, the brainchild of Chris Whittle, the eccentric entrepreneur who made his first splash in education with the controversial Channel One business that brought TV - and commercials - into schools. The communications executive who had restored Esquire magazine to fiscal health came up with the idea as he prepared a speech to a business group on ways to improve the nation's school system.

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