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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nader on Corporate Socialism

Every time I think that I have come up something original, I start to look around and try to figure out where it came from. Apparently I did not look hard enough when I started using "corporate socialism" to describe the faux capitalism that is based on taxpayer handouts to, otherwise, private enterprises. The current coinage is owed to major muckracker and good guy, Ralph Nader--at least a good guy before he decided to carve out a place for himself in political obscurity by making the 2000 election close enough for the neo-cons to steal. Here is a link to the Nader article that originally appeared in a 2002 Washington Post piece that my colleague, David McCurry, brought to my attention yesterday.

In the meantime, there is a growing understanding of and outrage against corporate socialism and its implications for democracy. The corporate welfare school concept offers a perfect lab to study this corruption at work. Here's part of a commentary from Ohio's cantonrep.com:


Sunday, December 4, 2005 MUSTARD SEEDS RICK SENFTEN

You know, if word leaked that the county engineer had sent out a few guys with a couple of truckloads of asphalt to lay a new driveway for a generous campaign contributor, people would scream. They’d want to know why their taxes were spent on a private job and who in the world OK’d this — well, let’s call it what it is — theft. They’d want the boss’s head.

Spending tax dollars on charter schools is pretty much the same scam, or would be considered so had it not been legitimized back in the ’90s by handsomely bankrolled and grandly schmoozed legislators who, by their votes, created a 297-school, $445 million industry — one that drains public schools of the dollars needed to reach education goals that charters, so far, haven’t been made to meet.


When his charters were launched here a few years back, David L. Brennan, chairman of White Hat Management and mega-Republican contributor, urged reporters to check the scores of students in his schools after their first year; he assured they’d do better than public school kids.

We checked. They were struggling, and things haven’t changed much since.

The charters are flopping so badly, in fact, that our lethargic governor recently worked up the energy to warn them to shape up or scram. Of course, with the backing of the Legislature, the charters are free to answer, “Yeah, right.”


  1. Corporate socialism, (somewhat of an oxymoron like a good marriage), is another form of slavery except instead of the plantation owner we have the CEO and more white people are enslaved this time around. The irony is they don't even know they are slaves -- keeps it going.

    Now I'm off to take my GEO test - thank goodness for corporate socialists. How would I have learned anything about geography without McGraw Hill. How would I have learned about the low expectations for African Americans. Today, with the corporate socialists in power, we have high expectations for African Americans, at least when it comes to test scores so they can compete for those slave jobs.

    And to think, all of this socialism while they're busy gutting the civil rights division at Justice. Who is going to be around to protect them from themselves?

  2. Anonymous12:20 AM

    I falled upon your blog because I wanted to write an article untitled "Corporate Socialism vs People's Socialism" because "Corporate Socialism" is rooted in Fascist Order since inception :
    Science of government founded on natural law by Clinton Roosevelt, the direct inspiration of Karl Marx Manifesto

    It has nothing to do with Socialism dreamed by People. It has been invented by the Elitist People to control the people exactly like Religion in the past:

    What is the substitute for Religion in Modern World ?