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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just In Time for Xmas

Judy Rabin writes:
Hard to believe how pathetic this all is. Congress can't even scrape up a
measly $11 million for the poorest, neediest kids - even Dickens' wildest imagination couldn't come up with this one. These guys spend more than that on the golf course. Yep, No Child Left Behind.

December 14, 2005

House Votes to Cut Head Start and Other Key Programs; Senate
for Tomorrow

House Passes Labor HHS Conference Report The House just
voted215 to 213 to pass theLabor HHS Conference Report

(negotiated appropriations bill). It is our understanding that
the conference
report will cut Head Start by $11 million.
This means that programs will see a
further reduction in
services and enrollment. To see how your member
Congress votedplease click here: _

Senate Vote on Labor HHS Conference Report
Now that the conference report has passed
the House it must alsopass the
Senate for it tobecome law.
The bill is scheduled to be votedon in the Senate a

tomorrow. We need folk to call tomorrow(preferably in
the morning) in
order to make sure Head Start does not
receive a cut. We continue to hear that
the vote will be
exceedingly close so every call isgoing to make a big
difference. To get in touch withyour two Senators dial
(202)225-3121. Ask to speak
with the legislative assistant
who handles Head Start. Tell them to vote
against any cuts to
Head Start and to oppose the Labor HHS Conference Report.

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