"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Darwin and the Great Left-Wing Conspiracy

From Max Blumenthal:
Self-styled science critic Tom Bethell's "The Politically Incorrect Guide To Science" reveals a lot more than the retrograde state of the conservative mind. Notice the book's tagline: "Liberals have hijacked science for long enough. Now it's our turn." So it's time for conservatives to hijack science, then? (This slogan was quietly changed on the book's paperback edition, but is preserved forever on Amazon.com.)
On Thursday in this post to the right-wing attack on teacher ed specifically and the university in general, I pointed out that the wingnuts now view the historical facts as the results of a left-wing conspiracy. Apparently, such crackpot notions are not just limited to history.


  1. NYT Book Review Cover: (great graphics btw) The Politics of Science "A People's History of Science' sticks up for the little guys. 'The Republican War on Science' sticks Bush for bending the facts."
    Looks like 2 new great books but Chris Mooney, a journalist, goes deep into this right wing fundamentalist Christian jihad -uh oh, that word might put me on the surveillance list if I'm not already on it --brings back memories.

    This is what the reviewer writes:
    He charges Bush and other conservative Republicans with "science abuse."

    In "politicized fights involving science, it is rare to find liberals entirely innocent of abuses," Mooney asserts. "But they are almost never as guilty as the Right." By the "Right,"Mooney means the powerful alliance of the conservative Christians who seek to influence policies on abortion, stem cells, sexual conduct and the teaching of evolution -- and advocates of free enterprise who attempt to minimize regulations that cut into corporate profits.

    The reviews should be on-line tomorrow. Very interesting how their MO crosses all depts. and the ramifications of their scientific engineering at ed.

    It all fits together so neatly.


  2. The war on brains marches on. When oh when are Americans gonna wise up?