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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Avoiding an Economic Mushroom Cloud?

Yesterday the Vice took his fleet of black Suburbans and limos for a Fall visit to Capitol Hill, where he twisted arms of Congressional members of the preferred Party of the super-greedy to vote to avoid an economic mushroom cloud. It's all reminiscent of other Fall visits just 6 years ago, when high crimes and dismeanors were committed in order to win free Executive rein to wage war for another bunch of profiteers.

Is the American economic meltdown a slam dunk unless the White House gets dictatorial power over the economy without regulation or oversight? Last night on Olberman, Barney Frank offered his take on how the Administration's treat bag for the disguised bandits of Wall Street will be monitored, if at all. There will be an independent "oversight board" that will review the massive handouts after the crooks have taken their full bags and gone home. If the "oversight board" suspects some irregularity or favoritism, the Board will, gasp, make it public so that the White House crew will get all embarrassed as they dismantle and load up the White House following the election. Tsk-tsk.

Yesterday Warren Buffet reminded us of what capitalists can do with their money for self-interest and the public interest when they refuse to be diverted by a bunch of criminals whose economic plan is based on blackmailing the American taxpayer into replacing all the money they stole.

If the Dems roll over for this one, the Republic is done.

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