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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Child Abuse at KIPP Violates State and Federal Laws

Anyone who has looked beneath the glassy stares of the KIPPsters in their enforced happiness camps could see the invitation for abuse that festers there in these cult-like environments. That much pressure to alter reality through the manipulation of children could not go long without a meltdown. Combine that with no public oversight or accountability for abusive behavior and you end up the current situation: years of abuse by a bully principal that went unchecked as children suffered.

That Fresno meltdown has now been documented in this report (PDF: Fresno Unified School District report on KIPP Academy). Read the first 10 pages, that's all. If this does not begin the end to these segregated hellholes, I cannot imagine what it might take.

The report offers a history of child abuse going back to 2004 by a principal who could not be stopped by a toothless and ignorant Board put in place by KIPP, Inc. First reported in the Fresno Bee last week, the fallout continues as the details emerge. Here is the story from last Friday:

Friday, Feb. 20, 2009

1:15 p.m.: KIPP Academy, a Fresno charter school, violated a variety of state and federal laws regarding student safety, Fresno Unified School District officials said at a news conference today.

Debra Odom, coordinator of charter schools for Fresno Unified, said a report prepared by the district is based on allegations from more than 50 individuals -- students and parents.

Much of the report focuses on principal Chi Tschang's "problem with anger." Tschang has resigned; his last day as principal was today.

The report said Tschang made a student crawl on his hands and knees while barking; forced students to stand outside, even in the rain; and screamed and yelled "all day" at students caught shoplifting near the campus.

11 a.m.: About 100 students and parents are protesting the resignation of the KIPP Academy principal, who founded the high-achieving west Fresno charter school.

Principal Chi Tschang’s last day is today; he said the protestors showed up before 7 a.m. today.

“It’s supposed to be a regular school day, but clearly because of the circumstances it’s an unusual day,” he said.

Tschang’s resignation comes as the Fresno Unified School District, which chartered the school in 2004, released a 63-page report detailing alleged mistreatment of students. The investigation was started after parents complained about the way Tschang disciplined students.

Tschang would not comment on the details of the report. Fresno Unified is holding a news conference at noon today to talk about the investigation.

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