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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If You Ask, They Will Answer

I have recently asked, Whatever Happened to Scientifically Based Research in Education Policy?

And it appears that the USDOE has come forward with an answer, as reported by Valerie Strauss:

The U.S. Education Department routinely awards millions of dollars in grants to states and organizations, but it seems that it doesn’t have enough money to maintain its “Doing What Works” Web site.... 
The site has already disappeared. 
According to Massie Ritsch, the department had no money for Doing What Works. He said in an e-mail: 
"The ED office managing Doing What Works did not have sufficient funding to continue operating the website and producing new material, but we are working to place the archive of resources on another site for educators to use." 
I won’t mention the irony in the fact that department spends millions on school reform that has no proven record of success but ran out of cash for its Doing What Works website.

And by the way, I'll mention it: The USDOE "spends millions on school reform that has no proven record of success."

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  1. If the material appears at "another site," wonder how much more the private contractor will be charging ED to archive it.