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Friday, September 20, 2013

TN Achievement School Distict Official Granted Charter Approval by TN Achievement School District

Posted at Memphis Schools Matter:

After Bobby White got national attention on Fox & Friends by enforcing a ban on baggy pants at Westside Middle School in Memphis, where he was principal a couple of years back, White has become the darling of the State-funded effort to corporatize and charterize Memphis schools, per the Bill Gates design.

White has his own consulting business, has hired on as Director of Community Communications for the Achievement School District (ASD), has started his own charter school company, and is a voice for the State Charter School Incubator.

Showing no concern for apparent conflicts of interest, Chis Barbic, Superintendent for ASD, recently approved White's MLK Prep to begin operations in Memphis in 2014.  As far as we can tell, White continues on both the state payrolls and corporate payrolls as he beats the bushes in the Frayser community looking for support of his company to take over Frayser High School when the Achievement District moves in next year.  With so much money to be made in the feeding frenzy to carve up Memphis schools and pass them to corporate operators, White appears to be on full throttle.

Wherever he ends up, we can be assured that White will solve the education problems that are most pressing--at least the ones that have to do with baggy pants.

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