"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Friday, July 17, 2015

Congress ignores the major cause of low school achievement

Sent to the New York Times, July 17

In the versions of the education law passed by both houses of congress, annual testing is still required for reading and math, and for science every three years ("Senate Approves a Bill to Revamp ‘No Child Left Behind’," July 16).
 This means that whether the common core standards are in place or not,  school will remain in a test-preparation mode for reading, math and science. 
  Nothing will be done about the major cause of low school achievement: poverty.
Instead,  we will continue to spend taxpayer money on online testing that uses untested technology and that will continue bleed funds that are badly needed elsewhere.
  There will be no effort to determine whether spending money on online tests is more beneficial than investing the money in ways that have been demonstrated to protect students from the impact of poverty; there will be no serious effort to make sure that no child is left unfed, all children have adequate health care, and all have access to libraries.

Stephen Krashen


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