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Monday, July 13, 2015

Germany's Corporate Stormtroopers Take Over Greece

No panzer divisions required--just a bunch of steely-eyed German fascist banksters holding Europe hostage while it applies extortion and blackmail to fatten the bankrolls of international capitalists.

From Huffpo:
BRUSSELS, July 13 (Reuters) - Euro zone leaders made Greece surrender much of its sovereignty to outside supervision on Monday in return for agreeing to talks on an 86 billion euros bailout to keep the near-bankrupt country in the single currency.

The terms imposed by international lenders led by Germany in all-night talks at an emergency summit obliged leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to abandon promises of ending austerity and could fracture his government and cause an outcry in Greece.

"Clearly the Europe of austerity has won," Greece's Reform Minister George Katrougalos said.

"Either we are going to accept these draconian measures or it is the sudden death of our economy through the continuation of the closure of the banks. So it is an agreement that is practically forced upon us," he told BBC radio. . . .

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