"A child's learning is the function more of the characteristics of his classmates than those of the teacher." James Coleman, 1972

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Hedge Fund Son-In-Law

By Doug Martin at Hoosier School Heist Blog

A while back, Hillary Clinton, speaking the talk of the working class as all Wall Street DC Democrats do, lashed out at top hedge fund managers for “making more than all of America’s kindergarten teachers combined.”  Hillary’s statement was mere deception. Not because it wasn't the truth; but because Hillary happens to love hedge fund managers and banksters.
Hedge fund managers seek to privatize education and steal pensions from teachers, as I detail in my book Hoosier School Heist, and wipe out what is left of the middle class.  And Hillary is all about that.

In fact, Hillary’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, is a hedge fund manager.  His fund, Eaglevale Partners, recently lost a little money in Greece, a country which cannot pay back loans to billionaires, banksters, and hedge fund managers who have set in place legalized stealing in the form of disaster capitalism.  
One of the chief structures behind disaster capitalism across the planet is the World Bank, which Hillary once wanted to lead.

As a New York Times piece noted, Eaglevale Partners is a “fund that makes trades based on global economic and political events.” Several investors in Hillary’s son-in-law’s hedge fund, as the New York Times also pointed out, have ties to the Clintons and have even funded Hillary’s campaign chest. Goldman Sachs is one of these.  As of November 2010, Goldman Sachs, through its Charter School Loan Facility, was funding 130 charter schools across the US.  Hillary’s son-in-law was once a Goldman Sachs employee.
As for Bill?  Bill Clinton has been behind the for-profit charter school movement since its inception, as many now know. Last year, he even spoke at a Nashville charter school operated by one of Chelsea’s old college sweethearts.

Recently an outfit spreading charter schools in India was honored at the Clinton Global Initiative, and Marc Mezvinsky, Clinton’s hedge fund son-in-law, was there for the photo-op.

Disaster capitalism is the leading force behind the assault on public schools.  And be sure that Hillary, hedge fund managers, Goldman Sachs, and Randi Weingarten will help further its agenda.

DC is a lost cause.  And so are the teachers unions. Sleep good at night. Focus your energy on the state level and make plans for a real revolution, before global warming kills us all off.



  1. You can't make this shit up

    1. Thanks Free to Teach. Very sad state of affairs. Even sadder reading some of the comments from AFT members on facebook. So many people have no clue what is going on. People in Indiana tell me all the time that the teachers unions are going to educate people for the upcoming elections. Something like 1 in 4 of them vote for Republicans in this state, where Republicans are the ones leading the school privatization move. Most of the educators aren't even educated here. Glad there's a few that do know what is going on, here and across the country.

  2. Same here in NJ, teachers just see their pensions being cut, class sizes exploding, funds disappearing and stress mounting, no clue why or how they got here. Sad indeed. Only going to get worse before it gets better I'm afraid.
    Education will once again be relegated to the bottom of the pile as the election heats up and other issues like immigration take center stage. Now they have immigrants to use as scapegoats, now that the teacher thing is wearing thin.

    1. Yes, exactly.

    2. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate that will work with and for the people. The people outnumber the elites 99:1 - all we have to do is come out and vote in 2016. Americans have not turned out in numbers greater than 60% of the popular voters since we voted in 1960. Almost less than 50% the past two elections.

      All the regular average working folks need to VOTE in 2016.