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Thursday, December 10, 2015

End Spellings' UNC Presidency Before It Begins

Protests are guaranteed tomorrow at the UNC Board of Governors meeting:
The UNC Board of Governors picked Spellings in October, after holding an “emergency meeting” shortly before a new law kicked in that would have required the board to nominate three finalists before picking a new system president. 
The protest will take place during the board's meeting on Friday morning and is being organized by a handful of liberal groups, including the Faculty Forward Network, Greenpeace USA, Ignite NC, Progress NC and UnKoch My Campus. Students say that in addition to rescinding Spellings' appointment, they also want the board to stop holding meetings during exam and break periods, a practice they say fails to honor open-meetings laws.  
Spellings' appointment falls in line with other recent board decisions that have ruffled feathers, students and faculty say. "The Spellings issue has just brought a lot of other things to a head and is just the latest embodiment of the corporatization of higher education in the state," said Altha J. Cravey, a geography professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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