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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Mr. "Got to Go" Had to Go

from the NYTimes:

The principal at a Success Academy charter school who created a “Got to Go” list of difficult students is taking a personal leave of absence, a Success Academy spokeswoman said on Monday.
Critics of Success Academy, the high-performing New York City charter school network, have said its high test scores are partly a result of weeding out underperforming and disruptive students. The existence of the list, reported by The New York Times in October, appeared to support the accusations.
At a news conference that month, Success Academy’s founder, Eva S. Moskowitz, said the list was an anomaly and that it existed for only three days in 2014 before the principal, Candido Brown, was chastised for it. Mr. Brown apologized, saying he was doing what he thought was needed to fix an unsafe school and that the list was his idea alone.
Still, nine of the 16 students on the list eventually left the school, Success Academy Fort Greene, in Brooklyn.
In December, four parents whose children were on the list filed suit in federal court in Brooklyn against the school. Mr. Brown, the Success Academy network, and the city and state Education Departments were also named in the suit, which charges that the school and the city violated the rights of students with disabilities and that the state failed to stop those violations.

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  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Is it a paid leave of absence? Principal could be sipping lemonade in Cancun till the heat clears off this case.