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Saturday, November 05, 2016

KIPP Driver Refuses to Release Students

Published on Nov 4, 2016
HOUSTON - There's a fight going on at a school bus stop, but it's not between two students.

A Houston family said their children won't be allowed to ride the bus anymore after an incident Friday when a driver allegedly didn't let their kids off. The children attend KIPP Zenith Academy in Sunnyside, the family said.

Demetrius Baxter said he and other parents were waiting at their children's bus stop and were confused when the kids didn't get off. The father explained,

"No window gets opened, no bus door gets opened. No explanation is given," the father said.

Baxter said the bus pulled away, and he was left dumbfounded. The father admits he chased the bus down in his own car and then pulled his vehicle across the road so the bus couldn't leave the subdivision. The father said he got out of his car, sat on his trunk and simply waited.

According to KIPP administrators, the driver prevented the children from leaving the bus because the father failed to show proper identification. However, Baxter claims the driver never told him what the issue was.

"How hard is it? You can crack a door open that far and explain to me what's going on. You can tell me to come to the window," Baxter said.

After some time police and even the transportation director from the school district showed up.

Investigators said the kids were eventually let off the bus, and police asked Baxter what happened with no issues.

At least, there was issue until the school sent the family a letter stating Baxter's children were suspended from the bus for the rest of the year. The parents said their kids weren't the only students involved, and the school's story doesn't add up.

All this back and fourth as the wheels on the bus go round and round.