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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another KIPPster Murdered While Philanthrocapitalist Funders Ignore Poverty and Crime

The shortcomings of KIPP's fix-the-children approach to reform becomes horribly evident as another KIPPster is murdered after returning home from another segregated day of working hard, being nice. Quanteria Smith was gunned down in another neighborhood left crumbling in the state the Wal-Mart built, while philanthro-capitalists pursue their eugenics-inspired ventures to impose positive psychology mind control on the poor.

From the Daily World:
A 16-year old West Helena girl, who would have been an 11th grader this year at the KIPP School, became the city’s third homicide victim Monday night when she was shot numerous times.

According to police reports witnesses said a man came from behind the apartment complex and began firing a .40-caliber weapon numerous times. Multiple rounds struck the child.

The child’s death was the second homicide within a three-day period in Helena-West Helena. Saturday night, a 43-year-old Helena-West Helena man died from a stab wound.

Quanteria Smith, 16, was shot multiple times as she sat on the front porch at her home at 154 Marquette St., which is in Detonti Court. Also shot in the Monday night homicide was Eddie Henry, 23, who also was sitting on the porch at the residence of the girl’s mother, Elvira Smith. . . .

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