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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vouchers vs. Charters; Duncan Speaking at ACT/America's Choice Event

Later this afternoon, the Fordham Foundation will host a debate about the future of vouchers. EdSector's Kevin Carey makes an appearance along with right-wing ed reformers. It'll give us a good indication of how the right-wing maniacs and neoliberals reformers view vouchers vs. charters given the current education reform climate; was the threat of vouchers truly the "nuclear option" that would push other reforms, including competition, high-stakes testing, and privatization through the charter school movement?

Additionally, Duncan will appear at an ACT/America's Choice-sponsored event called, "Rigor and Readiness." Here's some info about the event via the PR-USA:

Superintendents Convene in Washington, D.C. at Symposium Hosted by ACT, Inc. and America's Choice

As the nation focuses on the importance of college and career readiness to students' economic futures, leading education innovation organizations ACT, Inc. and America's Choice will host a Superintendents' Symposium Series to introduce district leaders to Rigor & Readiness, its instructional program focused on readiness issues.

District Superintendents from across the United States will convene at the Superintendents' Symposium Series to discuss practical solutions for increasing student college and career readiness.

On Thursday morning, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will brief Symposium attendees on the $650 million "Investing in Innovation Fund" or "i3 Fund," formerly known as the "Invest in What Works and Innovation Fund." The Symposium will be hosted by ACT, Inc. and America's Choice.

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