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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Freedom in Education Meeting Announcement

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Freedom in Education Meeting

Fresno, CA is the place to be on Aug. 29. 5th grade teacher Joe Lucido is organizing grassroots resistance to standards & testing.
(559) 225-1888; (559)-978-5082

WHAT: Freedom in Education meeting
DATE: Aug. 29
PLACE: Fresno State University, Kremen School of Education
TIME: 11 am--6 p.m.
FOOD: Lunch and Dinner provided
The airport is Fresno Air Terminal and the nearest hotel to Fresno STate is Piccadilly Inn. Here is the hotel information:

4961 North Cedar Ave

Fresno, CA 93726

(559) 224-4200

(800) 468-3587

Kremen School of Education

Atrium Rm. 54 (downstairs)

See map URL here (the building right off of Shaw Ave. on the map) :


Groups Supporting This Event: Coalition for Better Education, Educators and Parents Against Test Abuse, California Coalition For Assessment Reform in Education, Trinational U.S., Susan Ohanian.org, AERO, Californians for Justice, Parent Empowerment Network, Schools Matter, Parents for United Responsible Education, The Orion Society, Time Out From Testing, and Education for Human Greatness.

DO YOUR PART: Spread the word. TWITTER this event and put it on Facebook. And ATTEND.

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