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Friday, July 02, 2010

In First Sign of Congressional Sanity on Education, RTTT Cut by $800 Million

When the oligarchs cut a corporate welfare deal with Obama to spread their poisonous urban charter chain gangs across black and brown America, they did not count on pushback from a dumb Dem Congress.  The House this week proves that there may be life still in a previously lifeless Body when it comes to education issues.  Congratulations to those in the House who voted to make sure the sellout of American public schools may be slowed long enough for the mountain of research to be read by Congressional staffers.  If the evidence against all the RTTT bribery is ever is read and digested, RTTT's unfair and ridiculous exclusionary BS will be killed outright.

From the NYTimes:
The House approved a war spending bill on Thursday with a provision that would include $10 billion to help school districts avoid educator layoffs, paying for the effort, in part, with $800 million in cuts to several ofPresident Obama’s key education initiatives. . . . .

. . . .Several dozen charter school and other advocacy groups lobbied fiercely against cutting Race to the Top, which rewards states promising to overhaul teacher evaluation systems and shake up school systems in other ways.
Representative David R. Obey, Democrat of Wisconsin and chairman of the Appropriations Committee, a longtime ally of the teachers’ unions, unveiled the school jobs provision late Tuesday. In Thursday’s debate, he called Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s objections to trimming Race to the Top “a joke.”
Even with the proposed $500 million cut, Mr. Duncan still has about $3 billion left that “he can spend any way he wants,” Mr. Obey said.

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