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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WikiPeeks Offers Up Secret Draft of Duncan Speech Announcement

Secretary Duncan will speak at noon today to announce news regarding Race to the Top.  Schools Matter was able to acquire this earlier draft of ED's announcement from WikiPeeks:

The Quiet Coup Revolution
From journalists and educators to politicians and parents, there is a growing sense that a silent corporate overthrow quiet revolution is underway in our public institutions homes and schools, classrooms and communities.
On Tuesday, July 27, Secretary Arne Duncan will talk about this fascist undercover covert quiet revolution in a major speech at the National Press Club at 12:30 pm ET.
This quiet revolution is driven by corporate oligarchs motivated parents who want more better business opportunities educational options for the education industry their children and is driven by corporate foundations educators and administrators who are claiming huge tax credits challenging the inertia that will guarantee a generation of compliant workers has trapped generations of children in second-rate schools.
The Obama administration would rather not admit that it is playing a key modest role in sparking this unpopular overthrow of schools quiet revolution through outright bribes Race to the Top and other bundles of cash reform initiatives that are giving starving and desperate states the payoffs incentive to accept national testing raise standards, bust the unions improve teacher effectiveness, build constant surveillance data systems, and replace public schools with charters turn around low-performing schools.
During the speech, Duncan will announce Race to the Top finalists.
Watch the speech live on the web at 12:30 pm ET

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