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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wake County's Teabagger 5 Policies Under Review by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Well, well. Killing the most successful diversity program in the nation may have its costs when it comes to accreditation for Wake County high schools. From the News & Observer:
RALEIGH The agency that accredits Wake County's high schools is reviewing all of the major policy changes adopted by the new school board majority, including abandoning the socioeconomic diversity policy.

A special review team from AdvancED, the parent organization of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, will be in Raleigh soon to meet with school officials. They've asked Wake for a range of documents including:

* All policies adopted by the school board since the new majority took office Dec. 1.

* Who developed the new community-based assignment initiative and any studies and information used to support the change

* A description of the seat voucher policy now being used at school board meetings

* Copies of all records on proposed changes to the power and authority of the superintendent.

* Copies of any all contracts between the school system and the Civitas Institute, a conservative group appointed by the new board majority to be one of the groups that can provide board member training

* Copies of all all contracts between the school system and Thomas Farr, the Republican attorney hired by the board majority to be a special legal counsel and to audit the district's legal contracts

* Copies of information used to determine the financial impact of ending Wake's use of mandatory year-round schools

* Copies of all information on why the board majority abandoned construction of the Forest Ridge High site in northeast Raleigh.

The review was triggered by a complaint filed in March by the state NAACP, which alleges that the move to community schools will lead to resegregation.

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