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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Christie's Data Thugs Cramming Down More Segregated Corporate Charter Schools

The ethically-challenged Chris Cerf is paddling hard to keep up with the dying wave of school privatization and union destruction that will be swept away as the public awakes to smell what has been cooked up by Wall Street and the Business Roundtable.  Without real data to support the continuing spread of the segregated corporate containment camps for child brainwashing, Cerf and Co. are simply cooking the books. 

Great summary here provided by Stan Karp on the latest from Christie's goons and stooges.

NJDOE Report on Charter Schools in New Jersey
Fine Print: Charter Schools in New Jersey -- Interim Report
NJ Spotlight 3/8/11
The debate over which is better -- charter or traditional -- has become almost political sport of late in New Jersey, with Gov. Chris Christie making a big push to expand charters, while others argue there is little appreciable difference when it comes to achievement.
Policy And Research: A Shotgun Wedding In New Jersey

Earlier today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his plan to open 23 new charter schools in his state.  Just hours before this announcement, the NJ education department issued an analysis of new data on the performance of charter schools in the state (during the 2009-10 school year).   In an accompanying press release, the department claims that “the data affirms [sic] the need for Governor Christie’s reform proposals to grow the number of high-quality charter schools…”

The release also contains several other extremely bold assertions that the results support expanding the state’s charter sector.  The title of the actual report, which contains only tables, is: “Living Up to Expectations: Charter Schools in New Jersey Outperforming District Schools.”

Unfortunately, however, the analysis could barely pass muster if submitted by a student in one of the state’s high school math classes (charter or regular public

Fact-checking Gov. Christie's favorite budget boasts
Associated Press, Star Ledger, 3/5/11
Gov. Chris Christie likes to use numbers — a lot of them — to explain to people the enormity of the state's fiscal crisis. But like with many things, context can change the meaning.
Here's a fact check of some of Christie's favorite figures.

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