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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The brave new tests

Sent to the Baltimore Sun, Feb. 9

We should all “worry about overwhelming students, schools with tests” (2/7/12).

As the Sun points out, the new testing will be extremely time-consuming. There is no scientific evidence, however, that increasing the amount of testing done will increase student achievement.

As the Sun points out, the new tests need to be given online, and schools don’t have the technology needed to administer the tests. Not to worry, the test publishers and computer companies will be happy to sell it to them, as well as sell them costly new equipment as the old equipment rapidly becomes obsolete.

As the Sun points out, the tests will be used to evaluate teachers. Study after study, however, has shown that this kind of evaluation does not produce reliable results. It also encourages pumping up test scores without real learning.

We all understand the need to assess students and evaluate teachers, but the brave new online tests are not the way to do it.

Stephen Krashen

original article:    http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-tests-20120206,0,841535.story

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  1. Too bad politicians don't have to show evidence of "progress" or achievement... Just think if we cut their pay based on the reduction of the fed deficit, international approval ratings, economic indicators/unemployment rate, etc... Is there a test we can create for THEM?