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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reconsidering testing in Texas

Reconsidering testing: Some fundamentals
Sent to the Austin-American Statesman, Feb 21, 2012
A year's delay to reconsider the role of testing is a very good idea (“It’s smart to step back on STARR,” Feb 20).
I hope that those assigned to study this issue will look at the evidence showing that increased testing does not result in increased achievement, the evidence showing that teacher evaluation of high school students (grades) is a better predictor of college success than standardized test scores (the SAT), and studies showing how much time is spent on “test preparation” (activities designed to boost scores on tests but do not result in learning), I also hope the study group will attempt to determine the true cost of standardized testing.
If the study group does this, I predict that they will conclude that making standardized tests a part of students’ grades is a bad idea. They will also conclude that Texas is doing much too much testing.
Stephen Krashen
Original article: http://www.statesman.com/opinion/its-smart-to-step-back-on-staar-2188700.html#.T0O-tzIn2fI.email
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